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Healthy Homes for Healthy Families supports Cook County families by providing free safety, energy efficiency, water conservation, and whole-home upgrades.

Achieve a Healthier Home with No Cost Upgrades

The program provides a variety of home upgrades at no cost to owners or renters of single-family homes or 2–4-unit residential buildings in suburban Cook County. Upgrades through Healthy Homes for Healthy Families may help you save on your energy bills and even increase the value of your property.

Every Home Has Different Needs

Healthy Homes for Healthy Families will work with you to determine what upgrades are needed in your home through a customized assessment. You may be eligible to receive the following:

  • Removal or Treatment of Health Hazards

    Mold, pests, unsafe electrical, radon

  • Lead Abatement

    Window replacement, repainting, or sealing surfaces of walls, ceilings or porches

  • Structural Repairs

    Roofs, porches, foundations

  • Water Conservation Upgrades

    Plumbing repairs, water-saving fixtures

  • Weatherization

    Insulation and air sealing, weatherstripping, door sweeps

  • Installation of high-efficiency appliances

    Heating and cooling systems, water heaters, stoves, ovens, dryers

A Few Simple Steps to a Healthier Home

  • Enroll & Confirm Eligibility

    Begin by filling out the enrollment form. We will contact you directly to confirm your eligibility with a few easy questions.

  • Home Assessment & Upgrades

    We will visit your home for a walk-through to identify home upgrade opportunities. As a follow-up, you will receive a copy of the report outlining opportunities for upgrade. We will schedule the work and select licensed contractors to complete the updates within your home.

  • Enjoy a Healthier Home

    We will provide you with post-upgrades information and are available to answer questions and provide support following the work completed on your home.

A Healthier Home Has Its Benefits

You and your family will benefit from participating in the Healthy Homes for Healthy Families program. The program is designed to provide free home upgrades to reduce health hazards in your home and make it more energy efficient. These changes can improve your health and the safety of your home and create savings on your utility bills.

Find Out if You Are Eligible

Homeowners and renters may be eligible for the Healthy Homes for Healthy Families program if you live in suburban Cook County (outside of the City of Chicago), are income-eligible, live in a high-risk zip code for pediatric blood poisoning, or in an approved census tract.


Enroll to confirm your eligibility